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i.R.i.S Series

Welcome to the i.R.i.S. Series, where cutting-edge technology meets timeless wellness traditions. Our diverse range of models caters to specific beauty and wellness needs, offering a transformative experience for the modern age. i.R.i.S.-1 combines Radio Frequency (RF) for skin rejuvenation, shaping and lifting with Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) for toning, achieving a harmonious blend of skincare and muscle wellness. For those seeking ultimate relaxation, i.R.i.S.-2 introduces advanced Hot Stone (volcanic stones) therapies alongside EMS functionalities, providing a soothing experience while enhancing overall body contour. i.R.i.S.-3 delves into the ancient healing art of moxibustion, promoting energy flow and reducing tension in alignment with traditional Chinese medicine. Lastly, i.R.i.S.-4 pioneers shockwave physiotherapy, addressing musculoskeletal issues for faster recovery and improved mobility. Discover a world where innovation, intelligence, and efficiency converge to redefine beauty and wellness.

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