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Create the silky smoth skin with DermaReAction


Simpicity meets real results

The human skin, our body's protective barrier, often stands in the way of effective ingredient absorption.


Derma-T (Formerly Derma Therapeutics), dedicated to innovation, spent a decade exploring delivery technologies that could precisely transport active ingredients to their intended destination.

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We Deliver Exceptional Innovations

Equipment meets Cosmetics

Formulations in skincare are meticulously crafted to penetrate the deeper layers of skin, where they can make a real impact. Yet, this isn't an easy task.


The majority of cosmetics struggle to breach the surface skin layer due to their lipid insolubility and large molecule size. Here's where Derma Re-Action steps in.

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ANTS – Automatic Nano Needling Therapy

Derma Re-Action, our Automatic Nano Needling Therapy System (ANTS), is a tried and tested technology known for delivering reliable results. Its specially engineered handpiece, aside from needling, can also serve as a precision tool for permanent makeup application.

Perfect Results

At Derma Therapeutics, we prioritize skin enhancement, not harm. The Derma Re-Action handpiece employs a mechanical action to stimulate the skin's natural self-healing abilities, creating micro-channels for ingredient penetration.


Our finer, strategically arranged needles are gentle yet highly effective, minimizing downtime and discomfort during treatment.

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ANTS System

Result of years of research and experience


When combined with the treatment kit‭, ‬the peeling acid softens the skin‭, ‬increasing the metabolism as well as decreasing the barrier for active ingredients to penetrate‭.‬


Thousands of micro-channels are created every minute with the specially arrayed nano-needles‭.‬


The specifically formulated hydration serum‭ (‬DT-09-D‭) ‬ensures mass amount of hydrating ingredients are
absorbed by the skin‭.‬

White Waves

Maximum Impact, Minimal Downtime

Derma Re-Action ensures that your skincare regimen reaches its full potential, delivering transformative results with minimal inconvenience.

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i.R.i.S In Numbers


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